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For terry towels, tea towels, table napkins

Cross Cutting machine for fabric webs with matched lengths such as terry towels, tea towels, table napkins etc

Technical Data :

Maximum Working Width 1000 mm
Maximum Working Length 1400 mm
Power 3 Phase 415 V
Air Connection 300 L/min, 6 bar
Dimension 2150 X 2280 X 2450

Cross Cutting Machine

Features :

- Fabric input: From pile.

- Automatic fabric feed by special cylinder system.

- By an electronic counter at the control desk the operator programs the desired transport length of the material to be cut.

- After the fabric transport the operator cuts the material manually with a pneumatic hand-cutter, according to the marking line. Even warped material can be cut precisely.

- The installation is equipped with two contact switches. After the cutting operation one of the two contact switches is actuated by the hand- cutter so that the next fabric feed is released.

- By electronic counter at control desk a certain transport length is assigned to each of the two contact switches.
Min. Transport length = 1 contact switch
Max. Transport length = 2 contact switch

- Differences in material length are considered by different transport length according to touched contact switches.

- A manually used flip switch for continuous forwards and reverse transport allow additionally the optimization of cutting line position of the fabric

- Stacking of material by projectile – flap – system over a bar

- Control desk with piece and shift counter

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