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Cross Cutting Machine

NPSDAPL Cross Cutting Machine

For terry towels, tea towels, table napkins

Cross Cutting machine for fabric webs with matched lengths such as terry towels, tea towels, table napkins etc.

Technical Data :

Maximum Working Width 1000 mm
Maximum Working Length 1400 mm
Power 3 Phase 415 V
Air Connection 300 L/min, 6 bar
Dimension 2150 X 2280 X 2450
 Cross Cutting Machine

Cross Cutting Machine


  • Fabric input: From pile.

  • Automatic fabric feed by special cylinder system.

  • By an electronic counter at the control desk the operator programs the desired transport length of the material to be cut.

  • After the fabric transport the operator cuts the material manually with a pneumatic hand-cutter, according to the marking line. Even warped material can be cut precisely.

  • The installation is equipped with two contact switches. After the cutting operation one of the two contact switches is actuated by the hand- cutter so that the next fabric feed is released.

  • By electronic counter at control desk a certain transport length is assigned to each of the two contact switches.
    Min. Transport length = 1 contact switch
    Max. Transport length = 2 contact switch human hair uk

  • Differences in material length are considered by different transport length according to touched contact switches.

  • A manually used flip switch for continuous forwards and reverse transport allow additionally the optimization of cutting line position of the fabric

  • Stacking of material by projectile – flap – system over a bar

  • Control desk with piece and shift counter