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Machine Modernisation

NPSDAPL Machine Modernisation

Modernize your idle, Outdated Or Secondhand Sizing Machine to achieve performance and safety levels of a new machine and save 40-50% comparable with New Machine.

Each refurbished or re-manufactured machine is customized to your product specifications, then thoroughly tested for optimal performance. With our rebuilds, you get the same level of performance when machine was new or new version machine

NPS Drive Automation Pvt. Ltd. replaces and reinstalls controls and / or drives of the latest generation, Irrespective of the technology used before.

It does Mechanical reworking and Modernisation of the complete package, if necessary.

Benefits with retrofit

  • Increased efficiency / productivity of machine by reducing the standstill and down Times fastening the machine cycles.

  • Higher accuracy, simple operation and programming & guaranteed supply of spare parts.

High Quality, Reduced Cost

After refurbishing the framework, we install the latest components found on newest models. Your newly refurbished machine is fully tested to ensure the same high standards are met.

Faster Trunaround

More often refurbished machines can be up and running sooner than a new installation. Whether a simple upgrade or complete overhaul, our project engineers work with you to meet deadlines.

Same Service

Rebuild customers receive the same safety features, technical assistance training and servicing as customers purchasing new machines. All re-manufactured and refurbished machines receive our most current guidelines and safety interlock.

Improved Machine Speeds

In many cases, the rebuilt machine is actually faster and more efficient.


With our mechanical re-manufacture, you’ll get the same engineering, with a level of performance when the machine was new. All mechanical components are refurbished to match your specific workload. Worn parts, Replaced. Upgrades added.

Drive and Automation Technology

We’ll modernize your entire electrical system to new standards with our latest software packages.

Our Expertise

  • Sizing Machines

  • Dyeing Cum Sizing Machines

    • Complete Machine ( DC to AC )

    • Dyeing Zone - Electric Shaft

    • PIV to Geared Motor Sizing - Winder

  • Warping Machine - Winders

  • Denim Finishing Machine

  • DOT Powder Coating Machine

  • Dryer Range

  • Washing, Mercerize & Stenter Range

  • Jigger Dyeing

  • Rotary Printing

  • Cross Cutting Machine

  • Length Cutting Machine

Machine Modernisation